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Flipcall Main

Flipcall, a new way to make a phone call to your friends and relatives for free. It’s a new Communication app which was available on Google Play Store for free. Unfortunately, developers have removed this app from the Play Store and by now, you won’t be allowed to get it installed from there. Well, we are a proud Android users and we know how to get it back again. Free Download Flipcall APK for Android from here and start making free voice calls to your loved ones from here. More details are given below!

 Flipcall Main

Initially, Flipcall offers free talk-time for upto 120 Minutes, if you are in India, you will get Rs.60 in your balance. How amazing is that! Making use of this app is pretty simple and anyone can start using this app on the go! It doesn’t require any special skills at all. You must be wondering to know the installation process and a little bit of more about this app. Well, we have prepared a complete step by step tutorial which will let you know about the actual installation process of this app to your respective Android device. Take a look on to the installation process.

How to get Free Talk-time with Flipcall?

  • Download Flipcall APK file from the below given Download button.
  • Make sure to install a proper APK file of Flipcall to your Android device.
  • Launch Flipcall on your Android Smartphone.
  • Signup for a new account by putting up your personal information.
  • You will get Rs.61 to make free voice calls.
  • Call to any number by using dial pad, call will be disconnected automatically.
  • In a few seconds you will receive a call which would be connected to the recipient automatically by this app.

That’s how you can start using this app for making free voice calls. You need not to do anything else. You will automatically receive a call from the Flipcall and by then you can easily start communicating with your friends and relatives whom you called recently after installing the app. You will have to repeat the same process until the balance is there on your device.

Flipcall Credits

What if your Flipcall balance becomes null? Well, if you want to make some more balance, we’ve got one more trick for you. All you have to do is just follow the below given path from your device and you will get the same balance for one more time. Don’t fall, just follow the below path.

Go to : Setting>App Manager>Flipcall 

After this, all you have to do is just clear the cache memory. After this, you have to signup back with new details and you’ll get free talk-time again. You can repeat this process for as many times as you want. Furthermore, download links are given below from where you can easily get Flipcall APK for free. You don’t need to pay anything for this innovative communication app, it’s all for free.

Free Download Flipcall APK for Android

Download Flipcall APK for Android with Mediafire

Download Flipcall APK for Android with Zippyshare

Download Flipcall APK for Android with Send Space

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