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Snapchat is known as one of the coolest communication app in the technology market. Snapchat serves kind of a different user interface when it comes to share things with your friends. You might have been using this app already, if not, don’t worry. We at APKWala will give you proper information about this app so that you can have the best of Snapchat within your Android. Snapchat app has been upgraded with a newer version and you can download Snapchat APK file from here for free. Grab this upgraded version of the Snapchat app from here and start sending those cool snaps with your friends and loved ones. Following details will help you to know more about Snapchat app and how you can install Snapchat APK file to a respective Android Smartphone. Take a look! Snapchat APK 1

As they say, Life’s more fun when you live in the moment, it looks quite appropriate as the Snapchat does the same thing for you. You can send live snap to your friends One amazing feature which keeps this app different from other such apps is its auto clear snap feature. The app itself clears off all the snaps and short videos automatically from the other device. You will not see any received messages after a few seconds. This is the reason why millions of people love using this app. Snapchat app is available for free on Android and iOS both platforms. In order to know more about the Snapchat app, we request you to kindly follow a list of its features which is given here.

Features of Snapchat App for Android 

  • Amazingly design app to communicate with your real friends
  • Take a quick snap and send it instantly to your contacts
  • The recently sent snaps will automatically deleted from the other person’s chat
  • Chat instantly with fun and easy to use text messenger inside the app
  • Keep up with friends, stories and other events every day
  • Watch live events from the real Snapchatters around the world
  • Discover new stories from the real Snapchatters by exploring the app well
  • Keep up memories of your personal chats
  • Apply special effects to your faces by pressing and holding on the face
  • Add variety of effects to your live snaps within the app and much more

Free Snapchat app allows you to use it easily on a respective Android or iOS. Snapchat App can be downloaded from its official Google Play Store’s page for absolutely free. Before downloading the Snapchat APK file, take a look on some of the coolest Screenshots of the app so that you can know more about its functionality. Follow the screenshots now!

Screenshots :

Snapchat APK 2

Snapchat APK 3

Snapchat APK 4

Snapchat APK 5


Now, you can download Snapchat APK file just by following the below given link. Just click once on the given link and downloading process of Snapchat APK file will itself take place. After a while, you will get free Snapchat app for your Android. Download its APK file now!

Snapchat APK Free Download

Click the above link and get a free Snapchat app from there. Get its special upgraded version from the given link. After this, you can install Snapchat app to your Android by following the below given steps. A step by step installation tutorial is prepared to install Snapchat APK on a respective Android.

How Can I Install Snapchat APK on Android Smartphone?

Step 1 :

First, you have to download a proper APK file of Snapchat app for a respective Android device. You can download Snapchat APK from the above mentioned link.

Step 2 :

Follow link and get free Snapchat app from there as in its APK file. You have to wait for a few minutes to complete the downloading process.

Step 3 :

After this, you need to copy or transfer this file to a respective Android. Use a proper USB data cable for that. If your PC has a Bluetooth feature, you can transfer this file with the Bluetooth connection as well.

Step 4 :

Now, go to Apps menu and launch File Manager app.

Step 5 :

Tap on Search box and search for an APK file of Snapchat app.

Step 6 :

Tap on the file and select Install button when asked, wait for a few seconds until the process gets done!

Snapchat APK file has been installed successfully to your Android. In order to start using this app, just go to your Apps menu where Snapchat App icon will be there. Tap on the icon, the app will be launched and it will ask you to sign up for it. Go ahead and have a rocking environment to communicate with your friends and loved ones with the coolest app, Snapchat!

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