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Renderforest, an all-in-one professional video creation platform created by a team of Armenian professionals, helps individuals and businesses create quality videos online for free.

With over 100.000 video projects created, platform currently has 50.000 users.
Founder of Renderforest Narek Safaryan noted that with this new tool users can create promotional slideshows, business explainer videos, logo animations, family videos, music visualizations and more.


The target group are users interested in video creation.

“Renderforest makes broadcast quality video production available to wide range of users. The idea of creating the platform was born in 2013 when we were only engaged in producing handcrafted animation videos. We mainly focused on startups and the practice showed that many of them didn’t have enough funds to order corporate animation videos. They had to buy them from the websites selling templates.There were also services which did offer online video production, but the quality was not that good. The market lacked “the golden mean”, noted Narek Safaryan.

He said that the company now works on adding more and more templates each week, as the aim is to grow the number to 1 template a day.

“Our main goal is offering users create high quality videos under 10 minutes. We’re more concentrated on speed delivery in highest quality factor as we offer already made video templates available for editing”, said Narek Safaryan.

Currently the company is investing all the sales into company growth.

RenderForest Video Creation

How renderforest is growing 

“We’re also trying to simplify the editor, so everyone can use it easily. We’re doing our best to have less and less classic block editor issues each day, but when we get an unhappy customers, we do our best to satisfy their needs, offering coupons for free HD rendering. We are just trying to keep everyone happy so both parties will benefit. That’s the main success of the company growth”,- said Renderforest founder.

As of February 1 2016, 130 templates are available in the platform collection. According to Narek Safaryan, their aim is to reach 1000 in a short period of time.
Renderforest is based in Armenia, Yerevan. The website officially launched on January 1 2015. Currently the platform has 500 daily sign ups. Renderforest has been funded by the matching grants competition in 2015 with the support of World Bank, Government of Armenia and the Enterprise Incubator Foundation.

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